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Homestead and Clarks Branch Repair Scheduled for Thursday, April 6

Water service will be shut off this Thursday, April 6th from 9 AM to 12PM for all homes on Homestead Drive along with addresses 693 and higher on Clarks Branch Road. Members in this area will experience no water service until the repair is finished so please plan accordingly. Repair times are estimated and we strive to get service restored for everyone as soon as possible.

Last weeks scheduled repairs included replacing and inspecting 4″ shut off valves for spurs on Wagontire Drive, Homestead Drive and Clarks Branch. These needed valve replacements make it possible to isolate specific areas for repairs and leaks.

Repair Delayed – Monday, November 21

1:30PM UPDATE: Repair is complete and water should be back on soon.

8:30AM UPDATE: Repair will begin Tuesday, November, 22 at 9AM. Expect water to be off for most members around the Wagontire valley.

The water main line repair is that was scheduled for today is currently on hold, but should resume later today or tomorrow. A call was made prior to scheduling this repair but One-Call has not been out to mark utilities near the excavation area. We will update this post as the repair progresses.

Please conserve your water use and thank your for your patience while this issue is addressed.