Do You Have A Water Leak?

Water leaks can be costly and we at Clarks Branch Water work hard to bring good, safe, clean water to your home at a cost-effective charge. Have you checked your meter lately, or experienced a higher water bill than normal? A simple test is to check for a leak is to turn off all water usage in your house and around your property. Remove the meter cover at the water meter and watch the numbers. If they are moving with no water on, you could have a leak.

If we notice a significant increase in your water usage, we will send out a flyer with this same information. Water leaks on the member’s side of the meter are the responsibility of the homeowner. Your leak will waste water and money until it is fixed.

Below we’ve listed some repair recommendations. These are only recommended vendors that we have used, or known to be available in our area. We do not advertise or allow only these vendors. They are simply a list of suggestions for help. Should you suspect or learn your residence has a water leak somewhere within your service line and need help in locating and repairing the leak, you might try one of the following contacts for repair assistance:

  • Darren Light (541) 430-6097
  • Ty Scott (541) 698-6331
  • Steve Giles (541) 863-1491
  • Pat Rokus (541) 229-2595
  • Micah’s Excavation (541) 679-5433

If you notice a leak on the CBWA side of your meter or around the neighborhood, please contact us promptly. Thanks for your efforts at saving water and money with Clarks Branch Water!