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Monthly Board Meeting – Tuesday, June 13th at 7pm

We encourage our members to attend the June board meeting. In the last few months, the association newsletter and posts on the website announced that two positions are on the ballot for election, including President. Candidates are very limited so we are looking to our members to ensure the smooth operation and safety of our community’s water plant.

If you have experience, great! If you have never volunteered, it’s time. Clarks Branch Water Association needs candidates for board seats and help with tasks throughout the year. We hope to see you at the meeting.

Board Members Needed Immediately

Your Clarks Branch Water Association needs members to serve on the Board of Directors beginning in July 2023. The board will have its president retiring, and there will be two positions up for election in total. Please keep in mind CBWA is private and member owned. If members are not willing to give time and help in the maintenance and operation of their water association, management and operational oversight will have to be contracted externally. An independent manager of operations will not come cheaply.

If this is to be the direction members choose to take, monthly costs for water will be significantly higher for everyone. How much higher is unknown at this time, but the doubling of the monthly basic water rate is certainly not out of the question.

If you are willing to serve on the Clarks Branch Water Assocation Board, please call CBWA President Chris Bingham for details: 541-900-4932.

Water System Developments – Spring 2023

New valves have been installed on the main water distribution line at Wagontire and Homestead Drives. These valves allow for more isolated shut offs closer to the site of a leak or repair, inconveniencing fewer members with water outages when problems arise.  Less water is lost as well. A valve on Horizon Lane, one going west to Dole Road, and one controlling the main line spur to homes further east on Clarks Branch and Richardson Roads were excavated and tested. All are now operational.

The plan to have a 150,000 gallon new water storage tank is ongoing. Power lines too near the physical site of the tank will have to be repositioned for safety concerns. The incredible inflation we are all experiencing is also creating havoc. Hopefully, these issues can be mitigated somewhat and work can continue on the project beneficial to all CBWA members.

Once the weather warms a bit and the ground is drier, please keep an eye out for any abnormal signs of water. Any marshy and overly wet areas are primary suspects for leaks. Our system is over fifty years old, and more and more issues with leaks and breaks will manifest.