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Post updating member on the water plants.

Informed Delivery

Everyone has probably heard about mail being stolen from our neighbors’ and friends’ mailboxes, or experienced it yourself. It’s very frustrating and an invasion of privacy. Since many of our CBWA members have rural mailboxes, we seem to be more likely targets for thieves. If you haven’t heard of UPSP Informed Delivery, it’s free and worth checking out. This service won’t prevent theft, but it is helpful to know what mail is coming.

Informed Delivery, offered by the United States Post Office, emails a digital preview of your mail to your computer or mobile device before it arrives. You’ll receive greyscale images of the address side of letter-sized mail pieces. There are some other features as well but this one in particular may benefit some of our members.

To learn more, visit USPS Informed Delivery.
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Broken Water Line – Monday, January 17


The main water line on Homestead has ruptured and water service will be down until the repair is made. Additional information will be shared when we have more information.

Status Update:

4:13PM – The plant operators are onsite assessing the damage for repairs. They anticipate the repair should take a couple hours.

5:47PM – repair is finished and water service should available soon.

NOTICE – New Late Fee Penalties Effective October 1, 2021


Due to multiple memberships currently reflecting account delinquency the Clarks Branch Water Association Board members have approved the following late fee penalties to be effective October 1, 2021.

For a balance more than 30 days past due a $10.00 fee will incur. A balance more than 60 days past due will incur a $20.00 late payment fee. After 90 days delinquent water service will be terminated and interest will incur in the amount of 1.5%.

Payment must be paid in full along with a $50.00 reinstatement fee for water to be turned back on in the event of termination.


Your Clarks Branch Water Association Board Members