Cross Connection Informational Brochure


We are sending all members a Cross Connection Questionnaire so you should see them in your mailbox soon. Your participation is essential. We reference a brochure to learn more about cross connections and it can be downloaded below.

>> “Keeping Your Water Drinkable” Brochure

In July 2013, Clarks Branch Water Association sent out a letter requesting annual backflow testing to be completed. The letter resulted in some confusion and we have decided to gather new data to ensure accuracy.

Clarks Branch Water Association takes pride in providing safe drinking water to our customers. Although the water that reaches your home or business meets all State and Federal drinking water standards and is safe to drink, contamination can occur within your own piping system. This potential hazard is known as an unprotected “cross connection,” which can cause backflow to occur.

The Oregon Administrative Rules 333-061-0070 thru 333-061-0074 has established rules and requirements to enable Clarks Branch Water Association to protect our water system. Our goal is to identify potential cross connection hazards and take appropriate actions to protect against the possibility of backflow to occur. We need your help, because as a water user, you are the most familiar with how our water is being used within your property.

Water suppliers, homeowners, business owners and health officials must all share in the responsibility to ensure the safety of our drinking water. We feel it will help give a better understanding of cross connections and backflow and the means of protection available. Please take time to complete and return the attached cross connection questionnaire within 30 days of the date of this letter. Your participation is essential to the success of this program.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact this office at the number listed below. Thank you for your cooperation.

Mary Gouin
CBWA Manager