Grass Is Growing and Varmints Are Active

Please keep the vegetation around your meter box cut short for decent accessibility.  Also, gophers, moles, voles and other varmints are having a field day depositing their tunnel tailings inside many meter boxes, rendering the meter dials unreadable. Please clean out the meter boxes carefully, using a handheld garden tool or one’s hands so as not to damage meter dials or pipe fittings.

Please remember a charge of $50 may be levied if a member does not clean the meter area/inside the box 30 days after notification.

Informed Delivery

Everyone has probably heard about mail being stolen from our neighbors’ and friends’ mailboxes, or experienced it yourself. It’s very frustrating and an invasion of privacy. Since many of our CBWA members have rural mailboxes, we seem to be more likely targets for thieves. If you haven’t heard of UPSP Informed Delivery, it’s free and worth checking out. This service won’t prevent theft, but it is helpful to know what mail is coming.

Informed Delivery, offered by the United States Post Office, emails a digital preview of your mail to your computer or mobile device before it arrives. You’ll receive greyscale images of the address side of letter-sized mail pieces. There are some other features as well but this one in particular may benefit some of our members.

To learn more, visit USPS Informed Delivery.
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BIG Changes Coming to CBWA

We’ve mailed out a postcard to all of our members announcing some BIG changes planned for the Clarks Branch Water Association’s water treatment plant and storage capacity. The CBWA Board has voted unanimously to pursue an Oregon Business Development Department that will provide a substantial grant and low interest loan to benefit the association on several fronts:

  • Greatly increased water storage capacity
  • The ability to shut down the plant for long repair/maintenance projects
  • The ability to better endure leaks
  • Replace two aging tanks while ensuring safe water storage for the years to come
  • Supply water to fire departments for emergencies

Should you have questions or concerns regarding any aspect of the CBWA Board’s decision, please come to the next board meeting at the water plant. E-mail comments may be submitted to the Board at

March Board Meeting
March 8, 2022 @ 7PM
741 Wagontire Drive
Myrtle Creek, OR 97457