Please Conserve Water – Thursday, June 6

A repair at the water plant was made earlier this evening and water production will be down until Thursday, June 26th at 2:00PM. Please conserve your water usage for the next 18 hours since we will be using water storage until the water plant starts back up.

4 thoughts on “Please Conserve Water – Thursday, June 6

      1. Chris Bingham


        The repair seems to be holding in the mixing tank, and Lou is making good water again! Thanks for posting the CONSERVE message. I put up two of the three CONSERVE signs on Clarks Branch Road, but the sign on Dole Road had to stay the way it was. The padlock on the signboard was seized, and I couldn’t get it open with the key, even using WD-40 and automatic transmission fluid to try to work open the mechanism. Couldn’t even cut the lock off with a sawz-all! So will have to cut a portable cut off wheel to get the old lock off. New locks are ordered to replace these on the signboards–they get a lot of weathering.

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